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The New Data Analytics: Riding on Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, and Clouds


Oct 05, 2021

What types of platforms are most viable for modern data analytics requirements? These days, there are a wide variety of choices avail­able to enterprises, including data lakes, ware­houses, lakehouses, and other options—resident within an on-site data center or accessed via the cloud. The options are boundless. It’s a matter of finding the best fit for the business task at hand.

The data platform best for analytics “depends on the type of information you want to analyze,” said Matthew Adams, senior cloud architect at ZL Technologies. “If you hold large amounts of easily categorizable, structured data—sales metrics, warehouse items, or customer information—data warehouses are ideal. Structured reservoirs and warehouses cater to analytics by design as they are organically seg­mented and neatly packaged.” In contrast, “if you want to analyze information that is less structured—emails, files, or messages—then a data lake is a better approach.”

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