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The Future of Analytics: Illuminating the Modern Workplace


Oct 20, 2016

I’m often asked in which area of business I expect analytics to make the biggest strides in the near future, and my answer is pretty simple, although perhaps counterintuitive: it will be within the workplace itself. Endless resources are spent on gathering consumer data — and rightfully so — yet to many companies, the dynamics of their own workplace remain a mystery.

It isn’t for lack of data. Written communication is difficult to analyze because it is unstructured, making it inherently resistant to quantification. Without a clear incentive to save this data, companies in the past have treated it as a burden rather than a resource and left it largely unused.

However, within the last decade or so, increased regulatory pressure has propelled companies to begin storing what was once considered “dark data.” Now that they must keep it, they’re looking for ways to leverage it as a resource, and thus the dark data has opened the door for a paradigm shift in analytics.

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