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Quantifying Gut Instinct: From Inklings to Ink

Oct 08, 2013

When it comes to quantifying gut business instincts, the secret may be utilizing the data we’ve had lying around all along.

The struggle with the unstructured

Unstructured data, like the human-generated content they contain, have a relatively recent history in the enterprise. They snuck up on us, and many businesses are still struggling just to meet bare minimum requirements laid out by the government and regulators in terms of storing and accessing data. Email messages, documents, enterprise IMs, corporate social media accounts, and sprawling file-share systems, such as SharePoint, are rich in information about the human process of business, but are notoriously difficult to analyze or harness. It’s considered unwieldy, cluttered, problematic, and a liability. But what we’re often neglecting as business leaders is that this data, managed correctly, can be a goldmine.

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