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Mining Employee Data, With Ethics in Mind


Mar 28, 2017

Questions to Ask

When examining the ethics of employee data use, Ken Leong, co-founder and CEO of the information governance and analytics company ZL Technologies, suggests identifying your company’s “privacy comfort zone.” This includes any legal protections for employee privacy, as well as the company’s own “privacy culture and definition,” Leong explains in a recent piece for the Harvard Business Review.

If your company does not have an information governance committee, it’s also wise to set one up. Such committees are usually made up of the company GC, chief risk officer, chief compliance officer, chief information officer, chief information security officer, and chief data officer. Once established, an IG committee can “offer guidance on available solutions for protecting employee privacy while staying in line with corporate objectives,” Leong explains.

After all, employee data can be a valuable resource. But its use needs to be approached with caution and consideration.

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