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Looking Ahead – Data Privacy Best Practices in 2019


Feb 12, 2019

In 2018, data privacy was at the forefront of consideration for leadership teams spanning across all industries. From large scale data breaches, to the introduction of new data privacy regulations like the General Data Privacy Regulations in Europe, the limits of existing data management strategies were tested. As we kick off this new year, we shouldn’t expect the focus on data privacy efforts to shift very much. There have already been conversations about the potential for a federal data privacy law here in the United States and we have already begun to see States, most recently California, begin to pass their own legislation. In preparation for the coming year, there are a few strategies organisations should be considering, to ensure successful data management best practices.

The root of compliance challenges

In recent survey of IT professionals, results found that only 22 per cent of those questioned felt their organisations sufficiently address information management and privacy needs – which is an issue for a few different reasons. When it comes to data privacy, from a historical sense, the United States has typically been a few steps behind Europe. The European Union has long had a progressive stance on privacy, which is something we have not been seen in this country yet. However, the California Consumer Protection Act might be the fire needed to fuel the flame in 2019.

Additionally, at the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Brussels last year, C-Suite executives of potentially the three largest technology companies in the world, Apple, Facebook and Google, all made strong commitments to data privacy in the forthcoming year. There was a clear admission that what had happened in 2018 was no longer acceptable. One of the key takeaways was that Tim Cook, Erin Egan and Sundar Pichai, all gave their full support to a federal data privacy law in the United States. This public declaration of support was a step in the right direction from the perspective of most in the audience.

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