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Killing Two Birds with One Stone: How to Jump Start Your Info Gov Initiative and Aid in Meeting GDPR Requirements


Jan 10, 2017

In a time of increasing budget cuts, how can we possibly implement an information governance initiative and address the looming GDPR requirements? One of the most critical factors in tackling both of these spendy initiatives is an understanding of what data you have and where it is maintained. At first blush, organizations might look to their structured data stores, but generally organizations have a pretty good grasp of what is maintained in these environments. It is the unstructured data stores—those emails, file shares, and SharePoint sites—that are ripe for reaping havoc when it comes to meeting GDPR or implementing an info gov initiative. Why? Because as a general rule, you have no idea what in the world is actually stored in them. Thus, you cannot make a viable determination about what needs to be cleaned out, what might have a drastic effect when it comes to eDiscovery, or what data may place you at risk under GDPR and other regulatory requirements.

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