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Good data practices are key to GDPR compliance


Apr 02, 2018

Many sessions at the International Association of Privacy Professionals annual conference on March 27 and 28 in Washington focused on the General Data Protection Regulation, which seeks to update the current data protection framework in Europe.

The GDPR replaces Directive 95/46/EC, putting various privacy and data security requirements on those who collect and process data if they are established in the European Union or if they offer goods or services to EU residents or monitor those residents’ behavior.

From day one, the GDPR will apply directly in the EU’s 28 member states. For practical purposes, however, the regulation reaches far beyond the EU’s borders as more businesses serve and process personal information for customers and employees worldwide.

The uncertainty of a new law combined with the potential for massive fines for noncompliance have been a cause of anxiety for many businesses.

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