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Data Debunked: The Myths and Truths About File Analysis

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Jun 01, 2016

Ideal data management strategies are different for every organization; everyone has his or her own take on the exact definition of what “information governance” is even supposed to be. Full data management has become a very multifaceted business challenge, and analysis tools seem to promise to offer some assistance. However, analytics can’t fix the absence of strategy.

Myths arise because everyone loves a simple explanation. We’re drawn to them because they offer to (seemingly) to streamline the vast and unwieldy. The more complex a topic, the more likely it is that myths will spread. File analysis and file governance are excellent examples of this. With file share environments being the epicenter for human-generated activity within the business, organizations question how file analysis best fits into the data management strategy. However, with such a broad topic, it’s easy to fall into the occasional trap made by an attractive myth. Here are some of the more common ones.

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