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Dark data under the spotlight: How organizations can turn liability into asset

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Oct 21, 2019

Information Management: What exactly is dark data, where can it be found, and what should data management professionals know about it?

Kon Leong: By definition, dark data is the unmanaged enterprise content lurking in the shadows. Content that goes unmanaged, likewise, is difficult to monitor and the inability to monitor usually amounts to the inability to notice when information has been replicated, leaked, tampered with, lost or stolen. These potentially fatal outcomes for enterprises reveal why data management professionals must find ways to understand, and ultimately manage, dark data.

IM: What are the security risks associated with dark data?

Leong: In looking at our biggest security risks, it is not as much what is outside the firewall – which we valiantly protect and invest in securing – but it’s really the risk of insider threats that can cost companies. It’s the data that is sitting unsecured within the organization that poses the number one risk.

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