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Big Data Losing Its Buzz, Gets Down to Business

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Jan 29, 2013

Quick! What’s the definition of Big Data?

The answer isn’t that easy. There has been a lot of buzz over “Big Data” this past year, but it tends to adopt the abstract tone that marketers love and IT managers loathe. In order to tackle Big Data for business value, you need to shape the approach for the task at hand. One size does not fit all. For example, the approach for harnessing Big Data will change radically on the unstructured side.

Moving forward into 2013, we will see more tactical focus on how to get the desired results from Big Data, as approaches towards extracting value become better defined.

In a sense, Big Data will get smaller. Not literally, of course. But 2013 may be the year that we really separate Big Data into actionable categories. Concomitantly, there will be clearer user requirements which Big Data vendors will need to address.

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