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24 Inspiring Books Every Business Leader Should Read

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Mar 28, 2017

2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

“This book punches way beyond its weight in dispensing inadvertent wisdom for life and business. In fact, its opening salvo could serve as an excellent guide to handling most business crises, as in ‘Don’t Panic!’ With tongue firmly implanted in cheek, it pushes us to question all our routines and rituals–which actually underscores the subtle insanity of most of our assumptions in life and business. For example, would you rather eat an animal that doesn’t want to be eaten, or eat an animal that was bred to want to be eaten? An important takeaway is that we should constantly strive to take a fresh perspective on old issues. Strength can often be weakness and vice versa, and it often depends simply on how you look at it. However, most of all the book affirms that life is just a magnificent experiment, anyway, so go ahead and try new experiences and approaches. Throughout the voyage, we’re accompanied by Adams’s wickedly wacky humor, an essential antidote to all of life’s ups and downs. As an old adage goes, life is too important to take seriously.”

–Kon Leong, founder and CEO of data archiving software company ZL Technologies

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