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13 IT leaders confess their scary stories and deep, dark fears

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Oct 25, 2016

Today’s IT leaders are facing a world of unknowns and underlying fears on a daily basis – from the ransomware that could take down their organizations, to the emergence of new digital disruptors that could render their business obsolete, to the absence of quality IT talent they need to stay ahead of these and other threats. Although scary, it is comforting to know that you are not alone.

We asked 13 IT leaders to share their stories of unexpected or frightening events in their career, or the threats on the horizon making them nervous for the future of IT. Read on for their tales from the IT crypt.

$2M for unindexed unknowns

Farid Vij “A Fortune 500 company had an estimated 500,000+ boxes of business records stored with both physical records management vendors and at the company’s locations throughout the United States. They pay $2 million per year in box storage alone, but they have no idea what is in the hardcopy business records; the boxes are the ‘unindexed unknowns.’ There is likely a significant risk for PII and PCI given the industry the organization is in. Presently, the company does not have the internal bandwidth nor financial appetite to locate, index, and digitize all of the paper records, thus leaving them extremely vulnerable to a breach.”
Farid Vij, Director, Information Governance and Analytics, ZL Technologies

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