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SIFMA 50th Compliance & Legal Annual Seminar

Join us at SIFMA 50th Compliance & Legal Annual Seminar this year in Orlando, Florida for a great opportunity to network with thought leaders and practitioners in the financial services industry.

Sessions Details
GDPR: Beyond the Talk, Let’s Get to Execution
Date: Monday, March 19th
Time: 1:30 PM–2:30 PM
Location: Lunch & Learn
Description :

GDPR compliance is becoming a top priority for the financial services industry, but much of the buzz fails to capture even a fraction of the challenges ahead. GDPR respects no data silos, but the world’s data architecture is overwhelmingly silo-based. Bridging across data silos and managing them enterprise-wide to satisfy GDPR requirements is one of the most daunting technical challenges ever faced by Legal and Compliance initiatives.

Join us for lunch to share insights with compliance experts from ZL Technologies. You will walk out of the session armed with:
  • How to take a strategic view of the data management challenges in GDPR
  • How to repurpose the data (and slash costs) to solve other governance issues such as eDiscovery, compliance, and records management
  • Methodologies in evaluating and comparing different GDPR/governance solutions in the marketplace
How to Clean Up Files for Governance and GDPR
Date: Tuesday, March 20th
Time: 11:35 am–12:05pm
Location: Learning Lab
Description: As file shares grow, risks expand, intensifying interest in files cleanup. However, as new data flows in, cleanup becomes a constant game of catch-up. The only way to keep pace is by implementing a governance system which continually cleans data and generates new value. Such a system could repurpose data across critical functions like eDiscovery, compliance, records, and privacy management under regulations such as GDPR. Come learn how easy it is to eliminate duplicates, reduce costs, and increase performance.