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ZL Tech is DoD 5015.02 Classified Certified

ZL Tech is DoD 5015.02 Classified Certified

Managing records better with ZL Tech is DoD 5015.02 Classified Certified

ZL Tech is excited to announce the launch of our new Records Management Platform: Records Classified. With this new offering, ZL is positioned to help government agencies with managing highly classified, high-impact […]


How the Gulf War Paved the Way for DoD Records Management Standard

Understanding the role of the Gulf war in paving the way for the DoD records management standards

Sarin, a chemical weapon used in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, caused the infamous Gulf War Syndrome or sickness in 250,000 American soldiers. According to the findings, the illness was brought on […]

m-19-21 directive deadline

Is Your Agency Ready to Achieve the M-19-21 Directive Deadline?

Understanding why government agencies struggle to meet the deadline and exploring the options for the M-19-21 Directive compliance

About less than a year from now, federal agencies in the United States must have converted their analog and paper records to electronic records. A government-wide policy from the National Archives and […]