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Information Management: A Not Quite Comprehensive Timeline

Look back towards the future

Carl Sagan once famously remarked that we must know the past to understand our present. Technology is constantly evolving, changing how we understand the world around us. The past, however, is still […]

searching through legal supplies

Search to Save

For eDiscovery production, less is certainly more

Overproduction is a problem—and a big, tiresome, expensive one at that. Let’s break it down. The Situation Imagine your organization is engaged in litigation regarding a recently completed construction project. You provide […]

reactive ediscovery headache

Curing the eDiscovery Headache

Why the EDRM should be cut in half

Of all the hurdles that come with litigation, eDiscovery headache may be one of the worst. Although the relevant amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure came about in 2006, organizations […]

The Panama Papers and the new world of business

Data Leak: Uncomfortable Truths

The Panama Papers and the New World of Business

As long as information can be saved or copied, data will be leaked. Period. This is increasingly a frequent reality, and one which will necessarily change the way information is governed and […]