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Enterprise cloud security

Best Practices for Increasing Enterprise Cloud Security

Steps to improving enterprise cloud security

Information is one of the most powerful instruments one can wield, and organizations have a vested interest in protecting their corporate memory from malign actors. Accordingly, cyber threats are something that 47% […]

Virginia privacy compliance

CDPA Compliance: Virginia’s New Privacy Law

An introduction to complying with Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA)

Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, signed the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) on March 2nd, 2021, underscoring the current of new privacy regulations circulating state legislatures. The passage of CDPA exemplifies the appetite […]


No, Iran Isn’t Going to Hack Your Business in the Name of Revenge

When news broke of the assassination of Iranian General Qassim Suleimani, the reaction was swift, as #WWIII began trending on Twitter within minutes. Obviously, this was more or less a facetious reaction […]

Insider Threats; Cybersecurity

Insider Threats Don’t Have to Be Malicious or Even Intentional

What comes to mind when you think of cybersecurity threats? Malware? Ransomware? Usually we think about strengthening firewalls to keep out hooded figures typing on green computer screens shouting “I’m in.” But […]

Facial Recognition Software: Is the “10 Year Challenge” All That Harmless?

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram in the past few weeks, you’ve likely been bombarded by a lot of the same posts: “2009 to 2019: Haven’t I glowed up?” […]

"Let's build a wall!" has too long been the simple solution to complex problems

Re-thinking CyberSecurity

‘Let’s build a wall!’ has too long been the simple solution to complex problems.

With the advent of collaborative platforms, shadow IT, file shares, and other business applications, content is increasingly entropic and difficult to secure. Given the sprawl, organizations tend to put a great many […]