Instant Message (IM) Archiving

Stay compliant and ensure better governance by archiving corporate IM platforms.

ZL Instant Message (IM) Archiving bolsters information governance departments, like compliance and legal, during regulatory requests and/or ad-hoc investigations. Support for various instant messaging platforms allows legal and compliance teams to sift through the entire enterprise-wide corpus of data when performing compliance checks or crafting legal strategies.

Full Instant Message Archiving

While email archiving has become a widely adopted data management strategy, some enterprises do not yet have a plan in place for instant messaging. ZL UA makes it easy to archive a comprehensive array of instant message platforms for compliance, records management, and eDiscovery purposes.

Types of Instant Message Supported for Archiving

ZL UA is able to natively capture instant messages from a number of commonly used platforms, including Bloomberg, and Microsoft Lync. In addition, ZL UA can archive instant messaging traffic through IM gateways, such as Microsoft/Parlano MindAlign, Akonix, FaceTime, Cisco, Symantec IM Manager, and many more. These gateways allow for capture of a variety of instant messaging systems, including AOL, Google, MSN, Reuters, and Yahoo.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Instant message archiving is necessary, in many instances, to fulfill compliance regulations. ZL UA’s compliance module allows compliance officers to establish granular policies for flagging instant messages based on keywords that appear in the message. IM archiving also allows for surveillance of instant message activity, empowering compliance officers to address potentially problematic conduct before it becomes a legal or reputational liability.

Bolster eDiscovery and Records Management by Fully Archive Your Enterprise Instant Message Platform

Upon ingesting instant messages, enterprises can use ZL UA’s robust records management module to establish classification schemes and set retention periods. However, the ZL eDiscovery module also provides a one-click legal hold functionality, which instantly ensures that active retention policies and user deletion privileges are superseded by the legal hold mandate. Additionally, ZL UA’s global search capability ensures that in-house legal teams obtain the entire universe of relevant data—including pertinent instant messages—when searching the archive.