ZL Tech + Microsoft 365
Better Together

ZL Tech has partnered with Microsoft to deliver a search, compliance, and analytics layer for Microsoft 365 data in Azure. The platform provides next-generation archiving and in-place management (no copy) of your entire Microsoft 365 deployment, enabling better search, compliance, and insight into your data.

Enterprise Data, Unified.

ZL Unified Data Lake centralizes search, management, and archiving of all Microsoft 365 data, as well as non-Microsoft data sources, whether they are in the cloud or on-premises.

Unrivaled Search.

The ZL platform is unique in its ability to search across massive volumes of data at high speeds to deliver instant insights and accelerated compliance.

Azure Native

As a Microsoft co-sell partner, the ZL Unified Data Lake can be deployed in Azure, leveraging Microsoft’s state-of-the-art security programs while optimizing the cloud infrastructure for performance and cost-savings.

Find out why Japan’s top manufacturers trust ZL Tech for Microsoft 365 search and compliance