Nov 21, 2013

Scalability for Commercial-Centric Volumes of Unstructured Data Cited as the Main Criteria for Top-50 List Inclusion

SAN JOSE, CA – Nov. 6, 2013ZL Technologies, Inc., the leader in unstructured data archiving and governance for large organizations, has been listed in the “Top 50+ Provider” Enterprise Archiving Vendors short list by eDiscovery website ComplexDiscovery. Amidst an industry crowded with hundreds of solutions with widely varying data archiving abilities, the ZL Unified Archive® (ZL UA) remains distinct in its capacity to archive and fully manage an industry-leading array of data types in a single elastic platform for total information governance.

The Unified Archive® was specifically built with enterprise-class archiving as its foundation, ingesting all unstructured data streams for the purposes of storage, eDiscovery, records management (RIM), compliance, and global search. Because all electronically-stored information (ESI) is managed and de-duplicated within the same GRID-based architectural platform, single data copies can be leveraged for multiple business needs without cumbersome exports or transfer to point solutions. The result is a comprehensive portal for control that nearly eliminates the risk of data corruption and human error in the archiving process.

Inclusion to the ComplexDiscovery “Top 50+ Provider” list for Enterprise Archiving was based on a thorough compilation and review process of several prominent sources, including the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving, in which ZL was recently named a Leader. Although eDiscovery functionality was not specifically listed as criteria for admission to the Enterprise Archiving category, ZL Technologies’ past appearance in ComplexDiscovery’s “100+ Electronic Discovery Providers” list for 2013 speaks for the heavy reliance of eDiscovery functionality on comprehensive archiving practices. With a complete unstructured data archiving and information management platform it its core, ZL UA allows legal practitioners to execute all end-to-end EDRM steps seamlessly in the same environment, without moving batches of data.

Via elimination of unwieldy data “silo” repositories, the Unified Archive® is uniquely poised to deliver enterprise-class archiving that can meet the demands of today’s data volumes while retaining the adaptability to tackle corporate information management needs as they continue to evolve.

About ZL Technologies, Inc.

ZL Technologies makes Unified Archive® software (“ZL UA®”) to enable large enterprises to manage all unstructured content such as e-mail and files, to satisfy corporate archiving needs for e-Discovery, records management, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and storage management. It also enables the same unstructured content to become the organization’s Corporate eMemory™ for competitive advantage, such as sharing knowledge, experts, and history across the enterprise. ZL UA’s unique differentiator is its unified architecture, which consolidates all applications and billions of documents under one platform, thus eliminating today’s fractured data silos which significantly raise operating costs and legal risks. Demonstrating a proven track record with Global 500 customers and strategic partnerships with major players such as Oracle, Unisys, and SunGard, ZL has emerged as the technology leader in harnessing unstructured “Big Data” for strategic advantage. For more information, please visit