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legacy data cleanup

3 Tips for File Share and Legacy Data Cleanup

Initial steps to starting a legacy data cleanup project

We recently shared a short video detailing a few tips on how to start a data cleanup project. In this blog, we will provide additional background and context to further assist those […]

George Kobakhidze: Users Only Access Around 10% of Data

George Kobakhidze: Users Only Access Around 10% of Data

ZL’s team has a wide variety of perspectives on information governance, brought on by different roles, experiences, and knowledge. For this post, I interviewed solutions engineer George Kobakhidze about his insights on […]

London Calling

Data Protection World Forum

On two rainy London November days, technology experts, consultants, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and more came together for the inaugural Data Protection World Forum. The expo floor was split into six theaters […]

National Coffee Day

The Productivity Playbook

International Coffee Day

Did you know that the average American spends almost $1100 on coffee each year, according to Time Magazine? Or that scientists are turning towards coffee grounds as a new source for clean […]

FAM Different Procedures Same Goals

Files Analysis and Records Management

Different procedures. Same goals.

Imagine you wake up Monday morning with a nasty cold. You take some medicine, wish for the best, and, when that doesn’t work, head to a doctor. Your doctor will diagnose that […]

ARMA Live! 2017: Agents of Change

Change Starts Here

ARMA Live! 2017: Agents of Change

Records managers and information governance professionals from around the country flocked to Orlando last week for ARMA Live! 2017. We here at ZL Tech would like to extend a heartfelt thank you […]