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The Future of the Cloud

On-Premises: The Hybrid Model

A brighter future for your murky cloud environment

Once a mere speck on the horizon, the cloud now casts its ubiquitous shadow over the entire business world. Professionals in every industry across the globe have been inundated with hype about […]

the AI debate

The AI Debate

Does artificial intelligence have a place in information governance?

Working in Silicon Valley, it’s rare to go a day without reading, hearing, or talking about artificial intelligence. From self-driving cars and a Jeopardy-winning machine to customer experience improvement, it seems to […]

Legaltech 2018

A Year of Acronyms

AI, GDPR, and IoT at Legaltech 2018

As promised, Legaltech 2018 was another week full of the hottest legal trends presented by the hottest names in the industry. Although many eDiscovery mainstays received plenty of attention, a few new […]

Curing the eDiscovery Headache

Why the EDRM should be cut in half

Of all the hurdles that come with litigation, eDiscovery may be one of the worst. Although the relevant amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure came about in 2006, organizations are […]

The risks employee personal data pose under GDPR

Data Driven Lives… And Careers

The risks employee personal data pose under GDPR

Our lives are composed of a series of data points. This morning, I drove 9.8 miles to work and drank 3 cups of coffee. I said “good morning” 7 times. I had […]

Fueling the Privacy Debate

Regulations: Fueling the Privacy Debate

Perceptions of data privacy must evolve to catch up with modern technology

Technology always moves faster than those who attempt to control it. When new technologies generate record profits, fueling an economic fire, regulation hardly seems necessary. But at some point, that innovative spark […]