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eDiscovery Series: Introduction

Explore the legal landscape and steps required for end-to-end eDiscovery

Your organization just got served a lawsuit and the judge is ordering you to isolate all information (emails, files, messages, and records) relating to the incident in question and those involved. How […]

The Enron Corpus: Data Management's Laboratory

The Enron Corpus: Data Management’s Laboratory

You’re probably familiar with Enron, the energy services company that underwent a massive investigation in the early 2000s for wide-scale fraud. What you might not be familiar with is a curious byproduct […]

London Calling

Data Protection World Forum

On two rainy London November days, technology experts, consultants, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and more came together for the inaugural Data Protection World Forum. The expo floor was split into six theaters […]

Single instance storage

Single-Instance Storage: One and Done

How SIS leads to better data governance

Single-instance storage (SIS), the process of archiving only one copy of an item (email or file), plays a key role in any effective information governance strategy. Single-instancing is achieved through de-duplication – […]

searching through legal supplies

Search to Save

For eDiscovery production, less is certainly more

Overproduction is a problem—and a big, tiresome, expensive one at that. Let’s break it down. The Situation Imagine your organization is engaged in litigation regarding a recently completed construction project. You provide […]

search and indexing

Behind the Scenes of Search

A beginner's guide to full-text search and indexing

If given this post to find a certain keyword or phrase, your options would be: Fully read the text until you find it Scan through the text and hope you come across […]