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CCPA and GDPR Are Only the First Steps in the Privacy Revolution

Where We Began: A Brief Recap of CCPA and GDPR CCPA and GDPR continue to be big, scary buzz words in the information governance space, but what do they really mean? In […]

Data Security: It’s Easier to Fall for a Scam Than You Think

Scamdalous It’s a tale told so often that it’s become a cliche. You get an email that says a prince needs a wire transfer from your bank account in order to reward […]

Data Breach: Tons of Health Data Has Been Exposed Because We Never Learn

Return of the Hack It happened again! Once more, a whole lot of data has been leaked, and now tons of personally identifiable information is floating around cyberspace for anyone with a […]

The Data Breach is Coming From Inside the Organization

Breach Prevention:

The Breach is Coming From Inside the Organization!

When most people think about a data breach, they think about a trenchcoat-wearing external agent hacking into a database of personal information, pushing up their sunglasses, and muttering “I’m in”. The reality […]