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The 2020 Election Just Changed Data Privacy

California’s Proposition 24 The California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act of 2020, also known as Proposition 24, was passed by California voters on Tuesday. Summarized by the California Secretary of State, Proposition […]

The New Data Rush

How Business Analytics Can Transform Unused Internal Data Into Treasure

If data really is the “New Gold“, then many companies may be sitting on a hidden goldmine without being able to take advantage of the opportunity. Unfortunately, recognizing the existence of a […]

Insider Threats; Cybersecurity

Insider Threats Don’t Have to Be Malicious or Even Intentional

What comes to mind when you think of cybersecurity threats? Malware? Ransomware? Usually we think about strengthening firewalls to keep out hooded figures typing on green computer screens shouting “I’m in.” But […]

Facial Recognition Software: Is the “10 Year Challenge” All That Harmless?

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram in the past few weeks, you’ve likely been bombarded by a lot of the same posts: “2009 to 2019: Haven’t I glowed up?” […]

File Analysis and Management: Lessons From A Disorganized Student

I am not an organized person. I usually start out with good intentions—this time I’ll keep my stuff in order. It usually doesn’t pan out. I started a folder for my college […]

Long Pham interview

Long Pham: It’s a Must to Incorporate IG into Your Company

ZL’s team has a wide variety of perspectives on information governance, brought on by different roles, experiences, and knowledge. For this post, I interviewed developer Long Pham about his opinions on information […]