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London Calling

Data Protection World Forum

On two rainy London November days, technology experts, consultants, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and more came together for the inaugural Data Protection World Forum. The expo floor was split into six theaters […]

EU / US perspectives on GDPR

Beyond the EU: How GDPR Affects US Resident PII

How GDPR affects US consumers and their personal data

GDPR has sent the privacy and records management into a tizzy since May of this year. Although the new regulation offers a plethora of protections for European residents, its effects reach much […]

GDPR: The Early Aftermath

What we’re seeing just two weeks out

So you received all the emails with updated privacy policies, May 25th came and went, and none of us blew up— physically, at least. Yet only a few business days after, the […]

Corporate governance can’t stop at end users

Data Governance: Rule of Thumb

Corporate governance can’t stop at end users

Recently, IBM became the biggest name to prevent employees from using portable storage devices. This certainly won’t be the last measure taken to enhance security within the enterprise – especially as we […]

Legaltech 2018

A Year of Acronyms

AI, GDPR, and IoT at Legaltech 2018

As promised, Legaltech 2018 was another week full of the hottest legal trends presented by the hottest names in the industry. Although many eDiscovery mainstays received plenty of attention, a few new […]

The risks employee personal data pose under GDPR

Data Driven Lives… And Careers

The risks employee personal data pose under GDPR

Our lives are composed of a series of data points. This morning, I drove 9.8 miles to work and drank 3 cups of coffee. I said “good morning” 7 times. I had […]