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How Will 5G Affect Data Governance?

While the dawn of 5G, or fifth-generation cellular networks, has been awaited for years, we are now on the cusp of it becoming the primary data provider, usurping its 4G predecessor. While […]

The Enron Corpus: Data Management's Laboratory

The Enron Corpus: Data Management’s Laboratory

You’re probably familiar with Enron, the energy services company that underwent a massive investigation in the early 2000s for wide-scale fraud. What you might not be familiar with is a curious byproduct […]

Single instance storage

Single-Instance Storage: One and Done

How SIS leads to better data governance

Single-instance storage (SIS), the process of archiving only one copy of an item (email or file), plays a key role in any effective information governance strategy. Single-instancing is achieved through de-duplication – […]

Good archiving strategies start by asking the right archiving questions

So You Think You Can Archive?

The best archiving strategies start with the right questions

Perhaps FINRA is upset with your records management process. Maybe your legal team tried bringing a knife to a gun fight. Or it’s possible that your organization just wants to use its […]

It's a step in the right direction, but O365 is a far cry from unified information governance

What Office 365 is, and What Office 365 isn’t

It's a step in the right direction, but O365 is a far cry from unified information governance

Recently I have had a number of discussions with industry leaders who wonder how their companies’ transitions to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is going to affect their information governance mix. While this […]

structured vs unstructured data

Structured vs Unstructured Data Challenges

What you need to know about managing the two data types

When comparing structured vs unstructured data, the terms are self-explanatory enough when you have a bit of context. Structured data, at a broad level, refers to data that is organized into intentional […]