De-duplication of data provides 60-90% storage savings while maintaining seamless end-user access.

Big Data is only getting bigger, with the growth of “unstructured” data from emails and other human communication far surpassing traditional structured data. With billions of individual pieces of information that must be secured and managed, storage efficiency can make or break an enterprise data system.

ZL Unified Archive® provides storage savings as a major benefit of its unified approach. Single-instance storage and de-duplication of files mean that identical copies, regardless of source, are only archived once. Less redundancy translates to less risk, storage space, and total cost. Additional data consolidation can be achieved through highly specific message stubbing options, creating seamless message shortcuts and maintaining undisrupted access and for end users, with no need for manual mailbox quota restriction. And ultimately, ZL Technologies’ elastic GRID architecture further augments storage space by providing infinite scalability.

Key Benefits: Storage Manager

Enterprise-wide Search

Organizations can instantly search archived or managed in place data at both the corporate governance level and at the individual user level.

Reduced Storage Costs

Corporate IT departments experience drastic storage reductions due to single-instance storage technology that de-duplicates globally across the archive – ensuring a single data copy.

Highly Granular Stubbing

ZL Storage Manager allows customers to control which messages and files are stubbed based on customizable rules (message size, age, etc.), improving the performance of production servers.

Fast Information Governance

Unified Archive®’s Manage-In-Place feature has the ability to search and analyze information without ingestion. Additionally, with the Manage-In-Place File Preview function, files can be viewed in the preview pane without having to be ingested into the archive

Secure Access

Through customizable policies and roles, administration can manage employee access to information based on a variety of factors, including restricting access to classified or privileged documents.

Offline Vault

ZL Storage Manager allows end-users to view archived messages without having to rely on an internet connection. Archived emails are displayed alongside live emails in Outlook or Notes for a smoother user experience.