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  • Most U.S. Organizations Analyze Employee Data to Meet EU Privacy Rules

    December 8th, 2017
  • The paradox behind any privacy directive is that analytics must be used to manage, identify, and collect personal data in enterprises data stores in order to meet requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation. In a recent Osterman Research report, results show that most organizations have analytics-based initiatives in place, yet properly classifying and […]

  • Machines Are Organizing Legal’s Data, But Not Fast Enough

    April 11th, 2017
  • The advancements of many legal technologies have rested on their ability to better understand the data they ingest and automatically categorize and classify it. Such is the basis for data analytics, but only recently has classification become so accurate and able to be leveraged for so many purposes, spurred by the advancements in artificial intelligence’s […]

  • The Trailblazers: Advice, Insight and Wisdom From Women Leaders in Corporate Legal Tech

    March 8th, 2017
  • Five women corporate legal professionals in the technology industry, including ZL Associate General Counsel Linda Sharp, share their thoughts on the gender gap, memorable career challenges and more. To read the full interview, please visit Legaltech News. The Trailblazers Advice Insight and Wisdom From Women Leaders in Corporate Legal Tech _ Legaltech News is available […]

  • Legal Tech Eyes Automation to Ease EU Data Compliance Challenges

    December 13th, 2016
  • Many global organizations face a daunting challenge in complying with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), given the two regulations’ directives on how citizens’ data is to be stored, processed and accessed. In an effort to make compliance easier, however, legal technology providers are innovating solutions that bring […]

  • Standing Out from the Crowd for E-Discovery Newcomers

    August 8th, 2016
  • There is no greater success story in legal tech than e-discovery. Yet, while the practice is now the norm, enforced through legislation and all but required for today’s monstrous review sets, the market for solutions has become saturated. It’s defined by a spate of mergers and acquisitions, buzzwords employed by vendors masquerading their solutions as […]

  • ZL Unified Archives Announces Update with Eye Toward ECA, Data Visualization

    August 8th, 2016
  • ZL Technologies announced an update to its ZL Unified Archive information governance and e-discovery platform that implements early data analytics and a more intuitive and visual interface. The update comes months after ZL Technologies announced for its platform the addition of an independent legal hold, parallel indexing for multiple cases, and batch processing for custodian […]