Many needs, ONE solution. The ZL Unified Archive® is unique in the ability to handle several critical IT functions from a single, unified software platform. There are no separate data silos, no separate products to integrate, and no separate systems to deploy. ZL’s power lies in its unified architecture, which allows for seamless archiving and search of a vast array of data types, across the enterprise, for multiple purposes.

ONE data copy, MANY policies, TOTAL control. Allow the enterprise to easily access the same information for different needs.

Total Information Governance requires  scalability, security, flexibility, and file compatibility for the storage of records. Different enterprise departments often require different lifecycle policies for the same data, which can cause unwieldy duplicates under “siloed” software systems or traditional paper filing methods. ZL’s single-instance storage eliminates the need for multiple copies by allowing several retention rules to be applied to the exact same information copy, thus allowing different groups to retain access to documents only for the lifespan appropriate to their needs. By centralizing access to one data copy and eliminating redundant material, records management integrates with other enterprise objectives by minimizing legal risk, minimizing compliance risk, and minimizing required storage.

ZL Unified Archive® attains the highest degree of security and flexibility through industry-leading DoD 5015.02 certification combined with deduplication of identical data and advanced options to manage-in-place without copying or moving documents. A broad continuum of automated and manual records control is offered, easily allowing high-volume or low-risk documents to be auto-classified based on time and event based triggers, while still preserving the dexterity to manually classify or override presets for low-volume and high-importance information. Using the Unified Archive®, “manual vs. automatic” records management isn’t a conflict, since the platform can easily be customized to leverage the most beneficial aspects of each approach. With ZL, no record is left unmanaged.

ZL Unified Archive

Key Benefits: Records Manager

    • DoD 5015.02 Certification: Officially endorsed by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for use by U.S. federal agencies, this certification ensures Unified Archive® users with the highest standard in records management.
    • Metadata and Content-based Auto-Classification: Retention periods are automatically and uniformly applied across all data types within your organization. Classification can be based on document content, author/owner characteristics, or any metadata associated with the document.
    • Manual Override: Retain the option to manually override automatic settings, for high-level specificity in records classification.
    • Delete with ConfidencePractice defensible records management by applying folder-level and record-level retention policies across all records in the organization.
    • Instantaneously Find and Retrieve: Employ advanced search techniques across all managed data at both the corporate governance level and individual user level.
    • Integrate with Legal Needs: When the eDiscovery module is used to put documents on legal hold, the Records module instantly coordinates. When a hold is released, documents automatically return to their specified retention cycles.
    • Reduce Risk for the Enterprise: Records and information are consistently managed to ensure the integrity and availability of information establishing accountability, transparency, and compliance for the enterprise.


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